A journey into my imagination

The Story of Kirkman by Melissa

Melissa is 19 years old. She has Autism and mosaic Down syndrome. In June 2013 the Down Syndrome SA asked Melissa to go to Little Picassos Hyde Park Studio and paint an enlarged picture of a scary face she had drawn, which would then be auctioned off at the next dinner.

Staff at the studio had her enlarged outline ready on a big piece of canvas when she arrived. She got straight into it and over the next hour and a half she created an amazing painting. From this experience Melissa has grown a passion for painting and starting drawing new outlines that she wanted to paint. I would then enlarge these outlines onto canvas for Melissa to paint.

She has begun mixing lots of colours to make different new colours and enjoys seeing her finished paintings. Melissa’s house has quickly become like an art studio with painting, canvas, brushes and paints everywhere.